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I'm not your average girl from the videos, and I ain't built like a super model, but I've learned to love myself unconditionally because I am a queen.
India Arie

Maintenance Program

Westwind’s Maintenance Program is designed for clients who are in the maintenance stage of recovery and are working to maintain the changes they have made through the recovery process. The program is delivered through online video chat sessions and email contact, and is available to graduates of Westwind Eating Disorder Recovery Centre and Westwind Online Treatment Programs. Clients are responsible for their own medical stability.

Monthly Program components

  • 4 fifty minute individual counselling sessions with a Master’s level therapist
  • 2 fifty minute individual nutrition session(s) with a Registered Dietitian
  • 2 food recalls that can be emailed to the dietitian for feedback
  • email support for checking in and problem solving

This program is offered on a monthly basis. If a client feels they would benefit from increased sessions, the program can be adapted accordingly to suit each client’s individual needs.

Admission Process
Forms to be completed will be emailed to you including a payment agreement, which can be returned to Westwind through email or fax. Once all forms are completed and returned, the client will be free to begin the Maintenance Program.

Termination of Services
Notice of termination of the Maintenance Program can be given through an email to the counsellor(s.) If a client is utilizing preauthorized payment and cancellation notice is given, the next payment will be stopped.