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Online Treatment Programs - Program Components

Individual therapy sessions
We believe it is paramount to address the core factors that are working to maintain the problem. Each client receives 2 fifty minute skype counselling sessions each week with a Master’s level therapist. Typically, the client will be seen by three counsellors on an alternating basis. Treatment plans are highly individualized and are developed collaboratively with the client. We use a problem solving/skill building approach and make extensive use of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) approaches, which are designed to teach a different style of thinking.

Individual nutrition sessions
Each client receives 1 fifty minute skype session with a registered dietitian and feedback from the dietitian on weekly food logs, which would be submitted to the dietitian through email. These sessions provide opportunity to work together developing nutritional goals, discussing challenges and fears, and learning new information about nutrition for healthy living.

Email interaction and support
Each client will submit daily emails, Monday through Friday, outlining their gratitudes, accomplishments and their daily goals and a counsellor will provide daily feedback and guidance. We ask that this be emailed daily by 11am (Central Time Zone). Monday through Friday email contact with a counsellor(s) is also available. This can be an opportunity for a client to check in or problem solve around obstacles that are coming up for them throughout their day.

Learning Modules
Learning modules are delivered through email and contain reading and/or an activity which the client can complete and email back for further feedback through email and discussion during a counselling session. Clients are free to work at their own pace on the learning modules, and can receive up to one learning module per week.