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Westwind Eating Disorder Recovery Centre - Admission Info

Admission Process
Westwind does not require a referral from a medical doctor or psychiatrist. The first step for admission is to complete an intake interview over phone or skype – this also provides opportunity to discuss the treatment program further and answer any questions the client may have. Contact us to ask a question or request a free consultation.

Secondly, forms to be completed will be emailed to you which can be returned to Westwind through email or fax. Due to the independent nature of the program, clients are required to maintain medical stability during their stay. Therefore, clients are required to complete blood work and have the results sent to Westwind. Once all forms are completed and returned, the client will be free to confirm their travel plans for their arrival. We encourage clients, as much as is possible, to arrive on a Sunday in order to be ready to begin the program Monday morning.

A payment agreement will be included in the forms emailed to you, which will prompt you for a $500.00 CAD non-refundable deposit to confirm your spot in the program. This fee will be attributed towards the cost of the first bill.

Duration of Stay
On average, clients will be involved in the treatment program for 12 weeks, and then choose to be involved in our online Maintenance Program. Length of involvement in the treatment program is flexible and will be dependent on variables such as each client’s readiness to make change, severity of the eating disorder, rate of weight restoration as needed, comorbidity of other symptoms such as anxiety or depression, and their commitment to the program.

Termination of Services
Westwind Eating Disorder Recovery Centre requires a minimum of two weeks notice for departure.