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Meet The Westwind Staff - Michelle Reichert

In this edition of "Meet The Westwind Staff", we are asking five questions of one of Westwind's Registered Dietitians, Michelle Reichert. 1) WHAT LED YOU TO WESTWIND? A) After finding out that my husband (fiancé at the time) was accepting a job in Brandon I soon found myself looking for a new job to ensure we wouldn’t have to live apart. My initial instinct was to search for jobs with the local Health Region, either in the hospital, in long term care, or out in the community, as that was the areas that I was most familiar with. However, during my search I came across an opening at a private ED treatment centre and my curiosity perked up. I researched the facility and contacted the owner to get a better understanding of the dietitian’s role in the recovery process and soon realised that this was a job for me. After my first week of work at Westwind it was confirmed that I made the right career choice. Not only was I to be working with a skilled group of co-workers but I was also going to be working with some amazing clients doing a job that I loved. Teaching individuals to fall in love with food again. 2. WHAT HAS INSPIRED YOU ABOUT WORKING IN MENTAL HEALTH? A) It takes a lot of strength and courage to seek treatment and I am constantly being reminded about how resilient the human mind and body really is. Watching and helping individuals better themselves and their lives throughout the recovery process inspires me to continue to work towards improving my own emotional well-being. 3. WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR WORK AT WESTWIND? A) Each day is unique in its-self. Every individual’s recovery journey is different and I am regularly challenged to find new and exciting ways to work with clients on how to develop a healthy relationship with food that works for them and that encompasses both respecting their bodies and building a lasting trusting relationship with their bodies. 4. IF YOU COULD SAY ONE THING TO SOMEONE SEEKING TREATMENT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? A) Seeking treatment is not an easy decision and the recovery journey has many challenges. However, that being said recovery comes with lifelong skills and rewards that you will never forget. 5. WHAT'S ONE THING YOU PRACTICE TO MAINTAIN POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH? A) I enjoying spending time with my husband and two small children. We do lots of outdoor activities like bike rides to the park and camping in the summer months and building snowmen, ice forts and indoor/outdoor skating in the winter months. My children are both under the age of 4 so I am kept very busy. However, when I do get some time away from the family I enjoy participating in yoga classes, gardening, reading and enjoying new foods or “date nights”, with my husband.




Westwind is a private counselling centre specializing in the treatment of eating disorders through our residental program and online counselling services. We are committed to promoting mindful eating, body acceptance and emotional wellness to women and men around the world.

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