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World Eating Disorders Day 2019

On June 2, 2019, members of the eating disorder community across the globe will unite electronically to deliver the message that “Eating Disorders Can’t Afford to Wait”. This year, the goal is to advocate for adequate access to accurate information about eating disorders, dispelling myths, and helping others understand that eating disorders are not a choice and can impact anyone. There is also a call to advocate for policy change and increased resources for those struggling, and for those in care-provider positions.

Eating disorders can’t afford to wait while doctors and health-care providers are misinformed about the signs, symptoms, causes, and treatments available to those struggling with eating disorders.

Eating disorders can’t afford to wait for those in health-care professions to receive proper training on how to help someone with an eating disorder.

Eating disorders can’t afford to wait while publicly-funded treatment centres have month-long wait lists and private centres are unfunded.

Eating disorders can’t afford to wait while specialists still consider weight-restoration to be the main determinant of recovery.

Eating disorders can’t afford to wait while thousands struggle silently because stigma and public misinformation continues to shame them.

Eating disorders can’t afford to wait while the stereotype of what an eating disorder “looks like” does not match with the majority of those who struggle.

If you are tired of waiting, join the conversation by following the hashtags #WeDoAct , #WorldEDDay2019 , and #ShowUsYourPurple , and sharing or posting about why you think eating disorders can’t afford to wait. You can also visit www.worldeatingdisorderday.org to find out more information.

Eating disorders can’t afford to wait any longer. Join the conversation on June 2, 2019!




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